This is St Theresa of Lisieux's Anime Club. We will be keeping this forum to notify, announce and organize the group about events and news in the club!
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 Off Topic Rules

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PostSubject: Off Topic Rules   Sun May 10, 2015 10:48 pm

Off Topic Rules

Again, this was also posted in the Forum Rules and Other Important Information section of the forum!

We expect every club member to be civil to one another and treat everyone with respect.
There will be 0 Tolerance and can lead to having a discussion with you in school.

- Topics must have sort of point/discussion going on.
Topics should encourage participation and discussion from other users!


- Spam Topics
Spam = Short, Pointless, Annoying, Messages.
Posting a topic with only "hi" or an emoticon would fall under this category.

- Non-Discussion Topics
This is a topic that created as sort of an "announcement" instead of actually encouraging discussion.

"Happy Birthday Bob" - creating a topic for someone's birthday, although this is a kind gesture, you can wish them a happy birthday via PM.
If everyone made a thread when someone had a birthday, our forum would have a lot of useless topics.

"Look at how cute my pet mouse is" - Creating a thread just to show off something of yours also doesn't encourage conversation from others.

- Sexually-Themed Topics
There are plenty of websites that allow you to talk about your sex life. Since this forum is GA we do not allow you to talk about that here.

- Advertisement Topics
You are not allowed to create a new topic in the OT to advertise something (this could be your products, services, etc).

- "Gossip" Topics targeting one specific person or group
You are not allowed to create a new topic simply to talk about another person in a negative light. It does not matter if they are a member of this forum or not. There are plenty of places where you can "rant" about people in your life.

- Game Topics must be approved by an Administrator
You must message an Administrator to get your game topic approved. Because we do not want a lot of repetitive and pointless games being created.

- Game Topics should have the rules posted in the first post.
That's a pretty straightforward rule.
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Off Topic Rules
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