This is St Theresa of Lisieux's Anime Club. We will be keeping this forum to notify, announce and organize the group about events and news in the club!
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sun May 10, 2015 5:07 pm

General Rules

We expect every club member to be civil to one another and treat everyone with respect.
There will be 0 Tolerance and can lead to having a discussion with you in school.

- Any form of bullying / "Trolling" is NOT allowed.
Bullying another on the form will not only lead you to get a warning off but can also lead to having a conversation with you in school and can also get you into trouble you don't want to be in.

- Sending another user a death threat is NOT allowed.
Death threats are basically telling someone directly that they should die. For example death threats can include...

- Threatening to kill someone
- Telling someone to kill themselves
- Telling someone they deserve to die

If we get proof of you sending someone a death threat on our forums, serious action will be taken against you.
This could potentially be a permanent ban from the forums and will be discussed with you in real life.  

- Harassment is NOT allowed
"Harassment" could include the following...

- Consistently posting inappropriate, rude, or threatening comments in someone's thread or via private message
- Creating an alternative account in order to contact a person who has explicitly asked for you to leave them alone
- Threatening to commit either physical or emotional abuse to another person
- Emotionally abusing someone
- Posting someone's name in a negative light

Harmful language is NOT allowed
This includes:

-Racist slurs
-Malicious swearing
-Serious insults and derogatory comments

Usage of such language will be dealt with appropriately depending on context.
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Posts : 15
Join date : 2015-05-07
Location : STL Anime Club
Tagline : Do NOT PM this account!

PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Sun May 10, 2015 10:07 pm

Warning System

All members automatically have a full warning bar.
When a rule is broken, a warning bar is docked.
If there is a continuation of breaking general or forum rules, more bars are docked until the result of a ban.
When you are banned you are no longer welcome to participate in events and will be banned off the forum. But you are still welcome to our meetings.

Warning level bars:
- 100%, no warnings
- 75%, two warnings issued
- 50%, three warnings issued
- 25%, four warnings issued
- Banned

Minor warnings:
- Anyone who has broken the rules will receive a warning
- The first warning will not be docked and just be a casual warning via private message.
- These rules include spam and small drama between members.
- Posting material that is not General Audience.

Major warnings:
- After two warnings are issued, a bar will be docked appropriately.
- This includes harassment, racial content, and impersonating a staff member.
- Private messages will be given immediately after each warning is issued.
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General Rules
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