This is St Theresa of Lisieux's Anime Club. We will be keeping this forum to notify, announce and organize the group about events and news in the club!
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 Events & Contests Rules

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PostSubject: Events & Contests Rules   Sun May 10, 2015 7:55 pm

Events & Contest Rules

When joining an event or a contest, please consider the following:

- Any form of bullying / "Trolling" is NOT allowed.
Bullying another on the form will not only lead you to get a warning off but can also lead to having a conversation with you in school and can also get you into trouble you don't want to be in.

- Making a new user to enter in contests is prohibited.

- Don't plan on joining an event if you will not be there on that day.
If you're in the hospital or it is a TRUE emergency then you have the right to do so, but anything like "Oh I forgot" or " I didn't feel like it" is not allowed.

- You have 48 hours to let a president know that you cannot attend or you have issues with the event

- Please contact Aira or Yuki only for Event & Contest issues.
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Events & Contests Rules
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