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 Helpful Shop Guide to Purchasing Wigs Online

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PostSubject: Helpful Shop Guide to Purchasing Wigs Online    Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:17 pm

Hello everyone! I figured this might be useful for those who are planning to enter the costume contest, or just need help finding wigs for there costumes in general. I find that other websites like amazon, ebay, ect are hit and miss when it comes to trustful buyers and high quality wigs. These are by far my favourite places to order wigs from. The price is fair, and shipping is good, and i've been ordering for both of these websites for years and they are very nice people. I'll post the links for both down below.

Arda Wigs
The Five Wits

If you are wondering if there is a quality difference between the two, I find that Arda fibers are much, higher quality then Five wits, however for character based wigs, Five Wits has a wider variety, it all depends on the way you take care of your wig. For care of how to do so, Arda has a youtube channel on wig care, but there are thousands of tutorials out there.

I hope this helped some of you, Good luck and happy cosplaying!
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Helpful Shop Guide to Purchasing Wigs Online
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