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 2015-2016 Anime Club Treasurer Election

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PostSubject: 2015-2016 Anime Club Treasurer Election   Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:35 pm

2015-2016  Anime Club Treasurer Election

For the treasurer position, we are giving you a brief case and the candidates must response with  how they would deal with the situation. The best response will be picked as treasurer. In one SHORT paragraph, briefly describe yourself so the executive team can get to know a bit about you. In another paragraph, write your solution to the case. Make sure your response does not exceed one page or else we will not evaluate it.


The awesome president of anime club, Radhika, decided to LEND $100 to the members of
anime club for the Halloween costume contest. How would you make sure that Radhika gets her
$100 back AND earn a profit during the night of Miyazaki? List some examples of events or

*P.S please do not say that you will donate the money*

DUE DATE: October 18th, 2015 by 6:00 pm


NOTE: No late entries will be accepted!
Good luck to all those running and may the best money handler win. :3

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PostSubject: Re: 2015-2016 Anime Club Treasurer Election   Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:37 pm


I has been brought to my attention that those who are running for Treasurer don't know what Miyazaki Movie Night is really about. I am sorry for those of you who are done your application (it is TOTALLY OUR FAULT), but depending on what you read here now, you might want to slightly modify your answer!!

Miyazaki Movie Night is a one day event that occurs after school on a certain date. (This year, we might be doing it in Nov.) As you can tell by the name, Miyazaki Movie Night is an event where we invite the ENTIRE SCHOOL (those that wants to come) to watch MIYAZAKI'S MOVIE. If you don't know who Miyazaki is, or any of his movies, I suggest you look it up. This year, we are watching "Spirited Away". His movies are a classic and most people watched them when they were kids. This event is planned to introduce the idea of anime to the student body and to allow some students to reminiscent their youth.

So, to help you out with your case, this is what we did last year (* Please note that these events were came up by us last year, and although it is reusable, we want to hear AT LEAST ONE NEW IDEA from you!!):

1) Admissions are FREE!! (This will remain the same this year)

2) We tagged ALL OF OUR FRIENDS on FB and asked them to attend the event. (MORE PEOPLE = MORE PROFIT)

3) Food and drinks were sold on the night of. We MADE cakepops, BOUGHT drinks, MADE cookies, and MADE popcorn. (***NOTE THAT WE USED THE CLUB'S MONEY FOR THIS!! WE ASKED CLUB MEMBERS TO DONATE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY TO DO THIS!!****)

4) To increase the amount of people that would buy our snacks, we made a raffle! (NOTE THAT WE PAID FOR THE RAFFLES LAST YEAR TOO!)

5) We asked the students to wear their PJs or Onesies or anything comfortable that day so they feel like they are at home! (NOTE THIS EVENT TAKE PLACE IN THE DRAMA ROOM AND THE DRAMA HALL)

6) At the end, with one prize unclaimed and 5-6 cakepops remaining, we auctioned the remaining cakepops (with the raffle tickets in them) and earned more profit.

Last year's, Miyazaki movie night was a huge success! But, we want to make it even better this year. Lots of people attended last year and didn't even have enough seats. xD So, may the best applicant win! Very Happy

NOTE: PLEASE DO MAKE IT ONE PAGE!! If you have lots of event ideas and you are a detailed person, please just cut some of your ideas or your intro. Since, if you DO become the Treasurer, we are going to brainstorm more ideas with you anyways. If you ARE reusing our ideas from previous years, please do tell us briefly as to why you think we should keep it. Cao~~[/color][/color]
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2015-2016 Anime Club Treasurer Election
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