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 Help and Feedback Rules

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PostSubject: Help and Feedback Rules   Sun May 10, 2015 10:31 pm

Help and Feedback Rules

Again, this was also posted in the Forum Rules and Other Important Information section of the forum!

When posting a thread in this category please consider the following:

- Do not ask anything that's already been asked
If you've seen a similar post to the question you want to ask, please read over that and if you still did not get your answer you can post a new topic.

- Do not steal others ideas
Try not to take someone else's idea and call it your own. If you saw an idea you like that's already been posted and wanted to add something to that, post it in that topic instead of creating a new one.

- Do not write negative comments such as..

- "This idea sucks"
- "lol are you a r*****
- "Wow you should already know this, you're d***!"

Again, harmful language is NOT allowed
This includes:

-Racist slurs
-Malicious swearing
-Serious insults and derogatory comments
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Help and Feedback Rules
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